Camping on the west coast


With five lovely bays lining the island, even the journey here is beautiful! With the sea on one side and tranquil nature on the other. The peacefulness of passing the Getterön road sign spreads like a bubble in your body and this is when you can really relax.


Experiencing a caravan holiday on the West Coast sounds like a wonderful idea. We help you find your favorite spot and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Explore the coast’s charming places, indulge in local flavors and make memories on the roads of the West Coast. Feel free to ask for recommendations for places to visit and make sure your caravan vacation is an unforgettable experience.


Experiencing traditional tent camping on the West Coast can be an amazing experience. From the sea to beautiful natural landscapes and sunsets, the West Coast offers a unique and peaceful camping environment. Enjoy the simple charm that comes with living in a tent and being close to nature.


Discover the freedom of camping on the West Coast. Experience picturesque sunsets over the sea, explore the island and its nature experience and make memories at the beautiful cliffs. Book your RV site today for an unforgettable West Coast camping experience!

When you holiday with us

Your stay with us includes much more than just accommodation! Everything from children’s club, bouncy castle, dog shower, sauna, games room, boules, football pitch, 24-hour service, to various happenings in the Brasserie and much more! For those who want to discover more during their stay, you can also rent SUP, play miniature golf, rent an (electric) bike, rent a spa bath and more. Don’t forget to check out our event calendar for your visit to Getterön!

Fire safety

In 2019, the emergency services in the West issued new information regarding the stowage distance between camping vehicles. The new distance rules state that there should be 4m between the caravan and the tent to reduce the spread of any fire. As a result, we have rebuilt all of the campsite’s pitches so that they are larger and up to standard.

To make it easy for you as a guest to keep the right safety distance, there are two red stones on each plot, within which caravans and awnings should be placed.

Only one accommodation unit is allowed per plot. The vehicle should be backed into the space between the two red stones, facing the reserved street. This is to ensure that our fire distance of 4m between caravan and tent is met.

As a full-time or long-term resident with us, we strongly recommend that you have tested your gas and had it approved, have a fire alarm and fire extinguisher in both the caravan and the awning. Our location map shows you where your nearest fire extinguisher is.

Thank you for your help in working towards a safe and secure campsite!

Did you know that...

Explore our campsite, a jewel in the family’s treasure chest for three generations. In 1973, just as the sun was casting its warm glow over Getterön, Gunnar from Halmstad bravely took over the baton. It was the year when history began to unfold and create a legacy that we carry with us today. Getteröns camping, together with Apelvikens camping, became part of our family in 1973 after the wise decision of the municipality to leave the operation in private hands. Since then, every tree, every breath of wind and every path on the ground has been part of our family’s journey. We are proud to carry on the tradition and welcome you to be part of this rich history, where every moment carries the scent of the past and the hope of the future. Welcome to a home where the family feeling is something we want to keep on the campsite!

Celebrating midsummer on Getterön

Make Midsummer an unforgettable experience on the West Coast! Dancing around the midsummer pole, enjoying fresh strawberries and participating in traditional celebrations, what a midsummer experience!

Hire sup

Take to the sea and discover stand up paddleboarding (SUP). Glide over calm waves, explore secluded coves and get closer to nature with every paddle. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, the sea offers a unique view from your SUP board. Rent your SUP today and let the sea be your playground.

Take the Getterö boats to town

Make your trip to the city center an eco-friendly and picturesque experience. Take a 10-minute boat ride from Getterön to the center of Varberg. Enjoy the fresh sea air and beautiful views while quickly and conveniently reaching the city center.

Väder, vind & temperatur

Vad händer på Campingen

V27 erbjuder allt från After Beach till Barnklubb.

Piratdag för alla små campare under fredag 7 Juli och Cirkus på kvällen. Passa på att boka din plats och upplev Getterön!

Weather, wind & temperature

What happens at the campsite

V27 offers everything from After Beach to Kids Club.

Pirate day for all little campers on Friday July 7th and Circus in the evening. Book your place and experience Getterön!