Full season at Getteröns Camping

The 2024 season runs from 2024-04-26 to 2024-09-15.

What should I do if I want a free full-season pitch in 2025?

  1. Check which site you want to rent that meets our requirements for a seasonal site, i.e. caravan size and tent size in comparison to the size of the site.
  2. Please register your interest at lovisa@getteronscamping.se and provide the following information:
    phone number
    caravan length including drag
    Note that registration is only accepted by email and not by phone or over the counter at the reception! This is to get the exact date/time when the request came in, as the pressure on our full-season places is so great.

After registration, an invoice of SEK 125 will be invoiced for the queuing and administrative costs.

We then call the registrants in chronological order, if you get a call from us and the available place fits the wishes of the guest, you are booked and a contract is sent by mail.
If you are not contacted before mid-November, our full-season places have unfortunately been allocated to people ahead of the queue.

When all full-season places are filled for the 2025 season, everyone on the waiting list will be removed and you will have to register again from 1/1-25 via email lovisa@getteronscamping.se for the 2026 season.

Price for full season 2024

Vatten och avlopp1100kr
Pris/kvm utöver 100kvm145kr
Pris per kWh2,95kr

Please note that the seasonal locations are subject to change.

For questions about seasonal camping, email us at info@getteronscamping.se or call 0340-16885 during our phone hours.

General information

For many years, we have had a lot of pressure on our all-season sites. This is something we think is absolutely fantastic! However, this means that it may be more difficult for you as a guest to get a seasonal pitch with us. It all depends on how many seats we get available for the coming season. 180 of our 418 campsites are full season sites. These are marked on our site map with a diagonal line. Please note that locations may change from season to season.

As a full-season guest with us, you can set up and use your caravan from the end of April to mid-September, see the exact date in the contract. The price of a seasonal pitch varies according to the size of the site and whether or not the site has water and sewage. The price of our full-season pitches is excl. electricity, you pay for the electricity you use.

Fire safety around seasonal accommodation

In 2019, the emergency services in the West issued new information regarding the stowage distance between camping vehicles. The new distance rules state that there should be 4m between the caravan and the tent to reduce the spread of any fire. As a result, we have rebuilt all of the campsite’s pitches so that they are larger and up to standard. To make it easy for you as a guest to keep the right safety distance, there are two red stones on each plot, within which the caravan and awning should be placed.
As a full-time or long-term resident with us, we strongly recommend that you have tested your gas and had it approved, have a fire alarm and fire extinguisher in both the caravan and the awning. On our site map you can see where your nearest fire extinguisher is, there are so many that no one should be further than 50m from an extinguisher.
Thank you for your help in working towards a safe and secure campsite!

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V27 erbjuder allt från After Beach till Barnklubb.

Piratdag för alla små campare under fredag 7 Juli och Cirkus på kvällen. Passa på att boka din plats och upplev Getterön!

Weather, wind & temperature

What happens at the campsite

V27 offers everything from After Beach to Kids Club.

Pirate day for all little campers on Friday July 7th and Circus in the evening. Book your place and experience Getterön!