Do you like shopping for food to be close, convenient and easy?

That’s what we do at Getteröns camping! During your vacation here, you don’t have to take the car to do your grocery shopping.
You only need to go to the top of the campsite to buy delicious breakfast rolls or something tasty for the evening barbecue.
That’s what we call comfortable!

At Tempo, you can change your LPG tubes and replace your cooling pads, perfect to do on your way down to the beach!
The Tempo shop has everything from rolls, coffee, fruit and dairy products to household items. It also has what is easily forgotten during the holidays,
such as extra tent pegs, phone chargers and much more!

All this and more at Tempo. A warm welcome this summer from Jesper, store manager and staff.


Getterövägen 15

432 93 Varberg <br> SWEDEN

Open every day 8-22

under v28-v31

Väder, vind & temperatur

Vad händer på Campingen

V27 erbjuder allt från After Beach till Barnklubb.

Piratdag för alla små campare under fredag 7 Juli och Cirkus på kvällen. Passa på att boka din plats och upplev Getterön!

Weather, wind & temperature

What happens at the campsite

V27 offers everything from After Beach to Kids Club.

Pirate day for all little campers on Friday July 7th and Circus in the evening. Book your place and experience Getterön!