Our favourite places

Here are our top destinations that we want you to experience.

Snorkelled 🏃‍♂️ 900m

For those who love adventure and exploration. Discover the world of snorkeling on Getterön!

About 1.368 billion cubic kilometers of water separate the Earth’s continents.

It is said that about 70% of the Earth’s surface is made up of oceans. Want to learn more about the sea? gDo you like adventure and swimming? This is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness about the sea. The snorkeling trail is located on the first bay of Getterön.

At the bottom of the sea is an exciting read about the plants, environment and animals of the sea.

The snorkeling trail is about 300m. By diving down at the buoys along the trail, you can get to know the sea for real, and with increased knowledge of the environment, flora and fauna, we can help save our oceans.

“see the map here”

Never snorkel alone and think about your safety and that of others! Swim calmly!

Pizza on the rocks 🏃‍♂️ 150m

Imagine a warm summer evening on the west coast, the rocks still warm from the day’s sunshine.

The most obvious thing on a hot summer evening on the west coast, dinner at sunset on the hot rocks. The air is so humid and warm, almost to the point of you think you are in a tropical country. The smell of seaweed and the sight of the sea is right in front of you, an absolutely stunning view.

For this beautiful view, stop by the Brasserie and pick up your favorite pizza made with sourdough bread á la Italy. Then enjoy the pizza in front of the sunset with good company!

A perfect end to the day if you ask the staff at the campsite!


The seafront promenade winds from Varberg Fortress County with the sea all the way to the coastal hotel, which is a four-kilometer long bike and pedestrian path.

The promenade continues all the way to the shore of Apelviken and was built in 1912. The entire promenade is lined with swimming, seating and restaurants. You can smell the seaweed, sea and salt as you pass the sandy beaches and cliffs.

As you know, you can rent bicycles outside reception, with or without electricity. Cycling the promenade is a great way to enjoy a beautiful moment that’s worth the effort.

Ghost kit park

The playground is located at Varberg Fortress with its theme of local history and ghosts.

Don’t miss the chance to play among bats, haunted houses and the haunted forest. There are slides, swings, a sandpit and trampolines.

Spöökitetsparken is an excursion site, which means that the playground is positioned to accommodate more visitors at the same time. The playground is also close to toilets and refreshment facilities.

Nature center

At a cycling distance from both the center and the campsite you will find Naturum, which is located at the beginning of Getterön.

Naturum is a well-known tourist destination with nearly 80,000 visitors every summer enjoying the nature and the rich bird life on the island.

Naturum offers everything from lectures, guided tours, shop and café. There is also a family exhibition downstairs followed by temporary exhibitions that change upstairs, meaning there is always something new to learn.

The café that you find at the naturum is called Kvittra, the range consists mainly of organic ingredients and a beautiful view together with the homemade coffee.

Find out more about the naturum and its opening hours at


Arboriculture 🚙 16 min

What would summer be without strawberries?

Vareborg Berry Farm offers self-picking, a café, a farm shop and games.

Bring your buckets and follow the old tradition of picking summer strawberries with friends and family! Fun and cozy for young and old!

If you prefer not to pick your own strawberries, you can buy ready-picked strawberries from the farm shop. It also offers fresh vegetables from local growers.

You’ll also find all the strawberry coffee you can imagine – definitely worth a visit!

Grimeton 🚙 20 min

World Heritage Grimeton radio station

The year is 1943 and Mr. Palmqvist needs your help to save the future of his country!

Do you have what it takes to save Sweden? Try the Grimeton escape room with friends and family.

Learn more about the radio station and the rise of the wireless society.

Grimeton offers everything from guided tours, exhibitions, a café and a fun playground. Grimeton offers plenty of adventure and much more besides.

Welcome to visit Grimeton during your stay in Varberg!

Öströö sheep farm 🚙 30 min

About 25km east of Varberg near the beech forests, Öströö sheep farm is a little paradise of its own.

Here you visit beautiful views with lots of lambs, you can visit the sheep’s pasture yourself or why not take the opportunity to enjoy a lamb safari.

Don’t forget to enjoy a nice visit to Café Fårhagen before heading home. Here you can enjoy both gofika and food, which is served in a picnic basket both cozy and nice! Bring your basket and sit in the large garden at the tables or on the grass.

Crafts and delicacies

On the farm you will find the meat shop, where you will find everything from salami, lamb fillet, cold smoked sausages and lamb steaks.

(when buying meat from the farm, the whole chain around the animal is located on the farm for better animal welfare and quality).

The delicatessen also offers homemade jams, jellies, pickles, crispbread, biscuits and cookies.

The craft studio is full of lots of (g)woolly things, ranging from felted slippers, knitted wool quilts, soaps made from sheep fat to furnishings, cushions and shawls. Perfect for those who love natural materials and sheep!

We really recommend a visit to Öströö sheep farm, suitable for the whole family!

Get here by car or bus.

Åkturen is the popular bus line that runs between Varberg and Åkulla beech forests.

Read more about it here and find the timetable.


The penguin 🚙 10 min

Welcome to the new swimming pool in Varberg. Here you will find swimming for the whole family!

The Penguin offers swimming, water slides, a hot tub and a sauna. There is also a café with coffee and light meals after lots of swimming and playing.

Ästad ☀️ 30 min

One of Sweden’s largest vineyards located in beautiful Halland in the middle of the nature reserve Åkulla beech forest.

They grow their own organic grapes to create wine, most of the harvest becomes sparkling wine. They offer everything from wine tasting, spas, hotels to the Michelin-starred restaurant ÄNG.

A beautiful idyll that is worth a visit!

Liseberg ☀️ 1 hour

Discover Liseberg Park on a day trip!

Did you know that the largest amusement park in the Nordic region is an hour away from you at Getterön Camping?

This is where the adventure includes fun and sometimes challenging carousels, games that have both luck and skill involved. Good food and great music, all in one park.

The tingle in your stomach and the thrill in your body lasts no matter your age, check out their new carousel for 2023, Luna offers you a trip to the moon. Nothing you want to miss.
A park for all ages!

Ullared ☀️ 40 min

Visit the popular department store gekås which attracts thousands of visitors every year. You can get here easily by bus 651 or by car.

Visit Gekås Ullared for an unforgettable shopping adventure, where you’ll find everything from garden furniture to clothing, kitchenware and home furnishings.

You’ll also find lots of articles for camping! The store is easily accessible by bus 651 or by car along road 153.

The department store opened its doors in 1963, when love brought Göran Karlsson to Ullared. But then the store looked a little different: he opened the store on the ground floor of a villa in Ullared with his fiancée, and today Gekås is Sweden’s most popular destination. The department store will celebrate 60 years in 2023!