Getteröns Camping's rules of conduct

The following rules of conduct are for your and the other guests' enjoyment! Please read below.

  1. Register at reception on arrival.
  2. Only one accommodation unit is allowed on the campsite, this all accommodation forms.
  3. All pitches have a CEE plug. The cable between the electrical cabinet and the caravan/camper shall have a size of 2.5 mm2. No joints are allowed.
  4. All caravans/camper vans must be backed into the plots, with any pull out towards the reserved street. There should be 4 meters between teams. Misalignment shall be corrected at the request of the campsite. Motorhome sites can only accommodate motorhomes, not caravans. Caravans, motor homes and tents are allowed on campsites – as long as they meet the distance requirements!
  5. It is not permitted to set up standby tents of a permanent nature.
  6. The maximum height for fences/windbreaks is 140 cm. The maximum depth for skewers/fence and tent pegs is 30 cm. In the event of damage, you are liable for the cost of materials and labor if the maximum depth is exceeded.
  7. You must ensure that LPG and electrical equipment is approved in accordance with current regulations.
  8. Sewage from the caravan must go into a closed container (waste water hose). This applies if there is no sewage connection on the campsite.
  9. Charging of electric cars is not allowed via electrical outlets or via caravan/camper. Special electric car parking/charging can be booked at reception.
  10. When using a motorized vehicle, we ask you not to disturb the peace of the campsite more than absolutely necessary. Drive at walking speed and as short distances as possible. No motorized traffic is allowed between noon and midnight. 00.00-06.00.
  11. Be considerate! General disruptive behavior is not allowed and between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. 23.00 and 07.00 the campsite should be quiet. Violation of this paragraph may result in immediate termination without refund.
  12. For safety reasons! It is not allowed to throw or kick a ball among the tents and caravans/camper vans. Cycle carefully. Skateboarding and similar activities are discouraged.
  13. Dog owners are asked to show the greatest possible respect for other guests by keeping their dogs on a short leash and walking them outside the campsite. Pets are not allowed in communal areas.
  14. Help us keep the campsite clean and litter-free! Use the waste bins provided in the area. Remember to dispose of glowing charcoal or other flammable items in the appropriate containers.
  15. Leave the common areas (toilets, laundry and shower rooms, kitchens and dishwashing stations) in the same condition as you wish to find them.
  16. Grilling can only be done with a grill. Disposable barbecues should not be placed on grassed areas. Remember to keep water close at hand.
  17. Sales at and within the campsite may only take place with the permission of the campsite.
  18. On the day of departure, the rented property must be vacated and cleaned before 12:00.
  19. If you as a guest damage buildings, materials or the property of other guests, you may be liable for compensation. Getteröns Camping is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, campers’ possessions.
  20. Getteröns camping requires all campers to be considerate of each other and to help keep order. The staff has the authority to act if you, as a guest, do not respect these rules.
  21. Getterön’s campsite is a tourist facility and it is therefore not allowed to use the campsite for accommodation of a different nature, e.g. in a hotel. permanent residence or to register at the establishment.
  22. If, during the night, you disturb your surroundings to the extent that on-call staff / security companies have to be called out, you may be charged 2500 SEK.
  23. In the event of a breach of any of the campsite’s regulations, the staff are entitled to expel you and your belongings from the campsite with immediate effect and also to remove vehicles and equipment at your expense. In case of expulsion, you will not be refunded for your stay.
  24. Getteröns Camping is responsible for the electricity supply on the campsite up to the socket. All our campsites are protected by a separate RCD. The campsite cannot be held responsible for any power failure due to a tripped circuit breaker as a result of incorrect connections, moisture in cables or other equipment. The campsite is not responsible for external factors such as operational disturbances and planned interruptions at Varberg Energi.
  25. Caravan / tent + should be placed within the red stones on the plot to maintain the correct fire safety distance to neighbors according to Räddningstjänsten Väst.
  26. Getteröns camping reserves the right to correct the rules of order during the season to ensure a safe and pleasant campsite.
Download the Rules of Procedure in PDF format by clicking here.

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